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Effective as of: 4/3/2023
Transfer of funds to cover overdrafts$ 5.00
Dormant Account Fee$ 10.00 per month, after 12 months of inactivity
Abandoned Property Processing Fee$25.00
Replacement Debit Card$10.00
Loan Application Fee4)$15.00 (except Share Secured)
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) $290.00
Loan Cosigner Application Fee$15.00 for any cosigner submitted
Account Research or Reconciliation Fee$60.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Returned Share Draft or ACH item$30.00
Copy of Share Draft or Teller Check$ 5.00
Returned Deposit Item$30.00
Paper Statement Fee$ 2.00
Copy of Statement (not eStatement)$ 5.00
Unscheduled Club Withdrawal$15.00
Stop Payment (Teller Check)$25.00
Stop Payment (Member Share Draft)$20.00
Money Order Fee$ 3.00
Pre-Approved Car Loan Application Fee$20.00
Late Loan Payment Fee$15.00 after payment is 5 business days late
Wire Transfer
wiring instructions can be found on the "Services" page
Debit Card Limits(per day)
10 transactions max, to a limit of:
$720 in cash withdrawals(including ATM fees)
$2,000 total Visa purchases
Box of checks for Share Draft (checking) accountapprox. $21.00 each box
Minimum balance for Share Draft: $100.00Minimum balance for Shares: $25.00
Message Pay Fees. see


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