Product & Services

Loan Types:

Used and New Auto Loans: For both new and used vehicles, the credit union will finance:

  • up to 115% of the lesser of MSRP or current NADA clean retail value plus tax, tags, title fees, debt protection, GAP and extended warranty for loan applications with a Quality Code of A+ through B.
  • up to 100% of the lesser of MSRP or NADA value plus taxes, tags and title fees for loan applications with Quality Code C and below.
  • Not financed: extended warranty. Debt Protection and GAP not financed unless purchased through Medisys EFCU.
  • Loan terms available: Maximum 60 months for loans up to $30,000 or 72 months for loans greater than $30,000.

Personal Loans (Unsecured):

  • We will finance up to $25,000 for Qualified Borrowers for Unsecured Personal loans.
  • Rates can also vary between 6.99% APR* and 17.99% APR*
  • Repayment terms up to 5 years.
  • A Credit Report is pulled for each personal loan requested.
  • Members can borrow more than one personal loan but cannot exceed the maximum of $25,000.
APR* = Annual Percentage Rate

Quickloans (Unsecured):

  • Maximum of $2,000 payable back up to 8 months with a fixed rate of 18% APR*
  • Members cannot have more than one Quickloan at a time.
  • Members cannot apply for more than 2 Quickloans in any rolling 6-month time period.
  • A credit report is not pulled for Quickloans.
APR* = Annual Percentage Rate

Share Types (Savings Types):

Shares (Savings):

  • Minimum balance of $25 required.
  • Share accounts are required to maintain membership.

Holiday Club:

  • No minimum balance required.
  • Accepts deposits for a 1 year term.
  • Matures every October and funds are transferred to Share account.
  • Fee for Unscheduled Withdrawals (not at maturity date): $15 per withdrawal.

Vacation Club:

  • No minimum balance required.
  • Accepts deposits for 1 year term.
  • Matures every April and funds are transferred to Share account.
  • Fee for Unscheduled Withdrawals: $15 per withdrawal.

Share Draft (Checking):

  • Minimum balance of $100 required.
  • Debit Card available for use with Share Draft account funds only.
  • See Share Draft account opening documents for more details.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs):

  • Minimum balance of $500 required.
  • See “Rates” page for currently available rates and terms.
  • Please contact us for information about early withdrawal penalties.

Youth Accounts:

  • Free savings for members age 16 and under
  • Dividends rates of 1% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on the first $1K and regular dividends above that CU deposits $5 toward the $25 required deposit when opening the account.
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Free digital banking services including Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Free E-statements
  • Parent or guardian must have Joint Ownership of the account.

Share secured Loans:

  • Loans secured with Savings amounts or Certificate of Deposits amounts.
  • Fixed Rate of 4.00% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • No credit check.


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