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Jamaica, NY 11418
Phone: (718)206-8216

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Our History

Medisys EFCU was chartered in...


Main Branch:
    Jamaica Hospital

Branch locations:     Flushing Hospital

What's New

  Virtual Branch Changes starting April 3, 2014
On April 3, 2014, we will upgrade Enhanced Authentication. Beginning on April 3rd, the image that currently appears above the Security Code will no longer be displayed. After you log on, you will be prompted to re-enroll in Enhanced Authentication by selecting new security questions and a Security Phrase. After enrollment, when you logon, this phrase will display in the same place as the previous image. For additional details about the change go to: http://www.virtualbranch.com/general/Enhanced-Authentication-Instructions.pdf
  Blocks on Certain Countries for Debit Card Transactions
Due to high levels of fraud that have been reported internationally and in an effort to protect our members' accounts, we have blocked transactions from certain countries. Some of those countries are: United Kingdom, China, Philippines, and others. If you will be traveling internationally and plan to use your card, please let us know so we may assist you.

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